Botany and Cascade

A place to call home

The designs for Botany and Cascade capture a distinctive, modern character that respects the local personality of the surrounding neighbourhood of Erskineville. The extensive retail space on the street level of the Cascade building directly overlooking the park fosters will be

a fantastic destination for residents and visitors.

Consideration of environmental sustainability is also integral to the designs of Botany and Cascade, with an outcome that exceeds BASIX requirements.


The considered attention to detail in the designs of the Botany and Cascade façades sets the benchmark for the bold expressive design of the precinct.

Timber composite panels express verticality, while concrete expressed slabs emphasise the horizontal plane and aesthetically ground the building.

Angled feature balconies provide privacy between units and are oriented to maximise natural daylight and shading.

The exteriors of these buildings reflect the country’s native landscape and imbue Park Sydney with a strong sense of the unique character of crafted Australian design.

As the most significant new development in Sydney, Park Sydney is an exciting opportunity for investors and will create a new local for Erskineville.


  • Sympathetic to the inner-city context of Erskineville, these apartments present a warm and inviting retreat with elements of natural materials and refined detailing.

  • The spacious and light-filled apartments exude serenity and are the perfect place to relax and escape the daily grind, or entertain friends and family.

  • The interior design expression of these concepts use a sophisticated but textured material palette. Tonal, warm, but with enough detail in its accessory to be much more than typical.


A water sensitive design approach

Energy efficient lifts and lighting

Bike parking

The project is relaxed yet fashion forward; homely but urban. The urban footpath is never far away from its DNA, but at its core it is home


  • Julian Venning

    Director, WMK Architecture

    “Whether it’s the café on a sun-drenched corner delivering coffees to morning commuters, the private podium parks in which to relax, or the sanctuary of each unique home,” says Julian, “the designs of Botany and Cascade will help foster a vibrant community spirit while supporting and respecting our urban and ecological environment.”

Make it your home.